God Loves You

In all honesty, I’m not exactly sure how this case or reoccurring sermon will be taught because I’m only a rookie at this biblical theology “thing.” Yet, I’m more than certain that the ROCKHARBOR pastoral team has full capability to put together an educational, loving, and compelling course for the rest of the church body. The below premises can help shape the course. Though they are only small insights into this extremely huge issue around the world, I hope they have emphasized why this change needs to be voiced within the church, especially by our lead pastors.

Maybe these posts have not persuaded Pete or other ROCKHARBOR leaders at all.  Maybe, instead, they’ve begun to persuade other churches around the world to take on this issue and integrate a sermon or class involving the acceptance, appreciation and love of the LGBT community within the church. And maybe it hasn’t done either of these, which is completely fine. The fact that I was able to express how I feel about this debate and make it public is an extremely large feat of my own.

More importantly, the purpose of this blog was merely to convince every person who comes across it that they are not and were never a mistake. I hope I have informed most individuals that they are loved by a wonderful and powerful God. I hope I’ve convinced many of you to love your neighbor despite differences. And to believe and support each other for the unique person each of us were made to be.

For you are not a mistake. We are not mistakes.
And we will be loved, forever and always.
Thank you.
LoveNo Mistake



One thought on “God Loves You

  1. Love this blog! You’ve done an amazing job at structuring your points and telling a compelling story throughout your posts. (I also really like your blog’s format, layout and design). I definitely support your cause. I think your leading the way for more people like yourself, who don’t fall under that fundamentalist umbrella to speak up and have a strong voice on such a controversial topic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlVBg7_08n0

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